The Blu-ray/HD-DVD Battle Continues

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PC World published a wonderful article today detailing the problems with the battle between Blu-ray Disc and HD-DVD, the two competing high-definition formats. Some studios back Blu-ray, others back HD-DVD, and to make sure they can play all the movies they might want to watch, consumers will have to buy two players (or pay extra to have them both in one device). Blu-ray’s specifications are undergoing change, and players bought in the last two years will not support the new features in the updated specs.

I won’t try to explain in full detail the battle — I’ll leave that to the article — but let’s just say I think anyone who goes out and buys any HD player and discs right now is crazy. The market isn’t stable enough; the industry has to figure out a unified standard before I’ll risk money on a player and discs that might be obsolete in a year or two, when I’ll have to repurchase the same discs to make them work in the new player. Wait another year — or two — before buying HD. Chances are you’ll be glad you did when the format wars are over.

Anyone else reminded of VHS/BetaMax?


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