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I submitted a MediaWiki bug this morning (bug 11438) and it was patched in SVN under 30 minutes later. That’s just, wow. Of course, I have to either patch my current local installation or download a new SVN version (which might have unknown issues that will be fixed before the next release), but by hook or by crook it’ll be fixed in the next release. Special thanks to Niklas Laxström for the quick fix!

A few details: I was trying out a new extension I installed that generates trees from lists and has expandable/collapsible nodes using JavaScript, and tried using it with the experimental Live Preview function in MediaWiki. I noticed the tree was getting cut off, so I reported a bug to the extension’s developer on the extension’s talk page at After going back and forth for a few days, testing various issues, I finally decided it wasn’t his problem, given the test results both of us were getting. I thanked him for his tests and tried something in my wiki (namely pasting a long article from Wikipedia, and then also trying to preview 50 paragraphs of “Lorem ipsum” text), noting that these were also cut off. I reported the bug to Bugzilla and it was patched just like that.

Whoops, gotta run; I have a message from Bugzilla that probably has patching instructions…


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