Happily Folding and BOINCing Away…

closeThis post was published 12 years 2 months 21 days ago. A number of changes have been made to the site since then, so please contact me if anything is broken or seems wrong.

Since the other day, my computer has been happily Folding and BOINCing, in tandem, all quite well. So far, I’ve completed 82 frames of the 250 assigned in my [email protected] work unit, and have already submitted two for [email protected], with credit pending. Each Spinhenge unit took around 4,000 seconds of CPU time, though I have no idea how long [email protected] has been actually computing. All I know about [email protected] is that it takes anywhere from 20-60 minutes a frame, depending on what I’m doing (what programs are running, or if the computer is idle). I’ve definitely been leaving it on more, to contribute more time to the projects, though that may change; I’m considering the impact constant-on will have on a laptop hard drive, seeing as how I’ve already had one crash on me. Plus it uses power, and I won’t be held responsible for $20 increases in the monthly electricity bill because I want to contribute free CPU time to scientific research.

I did have one problem, indirectly related to the calculations, the night before last, though. For some reason, the power jack in my laptop is having issues, and AC power will jiggle in and out sometimes multiple times a second, throwing the battery-based computation switches (I have both computation programs set to stop on battery power) into chaos. My log in BOINC is filled with “Suspending computation – on battery” and “Off battery – resuming computation” entries. The computer did turn itself off when the battery hit 3%, but it was the first time it had ever lost power while sitting next to my favorite working chair. A strange event, and one I’ll watch for in the future. It lost power just after I set it down and went to bed…


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