WiFi Surfers Beware

Having just encountered this issue myself, I find it a good idea to reiterate this tip. When going to a business with free WiFi, such as Panera Bread, Dunn Brothers Coffee, Caribou, etc., make sure you know the name of the network to connect to, and that you only click on access point networks. I just logged on here at Panera Bread and was faced with two public networks: One named PANERA and one named Free Public WiFi. The former, which was an access point, is the real network, and the other, scammy-looking one (to me) was an ad-hoc network …

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Navigation Makeover

I have made some major changes to the navigation on my website. I made it so it can be tiered, and have collapsible sections. It works in IE6 and FF2 on XP, and Safari 2 on Mac, but I do not know definitively about IE7 XP/Vista. If anyone can help test the design, please let me know in the comments. Thanks!

Cross-Platform Site Development Made Easy

Web site Browsershots.org takes screenshots of websites in basically any browser you can think of, on any OS you can think of (Really, what are the choices? Win, Lin, and Mac.). The wait time can get somewhat long, however, and the shots only cover the first screenful, but for testing in browsers you can’t possibly get for yourself, it’s a must-have development tool.

So Many Goodies

Over the last two days, I’ve added tons of new goodies to my website. First off, I redesigned the navigation (still a few tweaks to go in IE7), with tiered levels. I also added AJAX login, settings, and logout, replacing the old links. This and the new picture gallery (in the members’ section) are both based on a new jQuery plugin, Thickbox. I’m also planning on adding jQuery rounded corners so they’ll show up in both IE and Firefox (and any other browser that either has Canvas or can have it added with JS).

It May Suck, and It May Explode the Internet

…but Micro$loth Suckernet Exploder (I mean Microsoft Internet Explorer, of course 😉 ) can finally work with my website! After applying a couple CSS tricks I found in various resources (books and the Internet), I managed to make the site work (almost) perfectly in IE 5.5 and up. Internet Explorer 7 is, of course, the best implementation, but IE 6 and IE 5.5 are close, with just a few pixels here and there off. There is a strange gap in the border between the content and the navigation, but that disappears in IE 7, so I won’t worry about it …

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Restart or Not Restart?

Adobe has pulled a fast one with their latest Flash Player update. Just after restarting my computer, I received a notification about an update being available. The update prompt window says it “takes less than a minute over broadband” and that “no restart is required”. That’s wrong. While the program does not incessantly prompt to restart (like Windows Update does), or simply restart when you click “Finish” (like Norton AntiVirus’ updater often does), it pops up and says that “The new version will be available after you restart your computer.” Adobe needs to rethink their text here.

500 mL of Insulin, Stat!

This digression from technology talk brought to you by root beer, ice cream, and an unidentified bacteria. Last week was not fun. After shopping for three days, my mother started complaining Friday (06/01) that she was feeling “blah”. This condition progressed through Saturday (06/02), with root beer floats and other snacks providing comfort. I missed a couple classes because of this. When my dad got home Saturday night, he was immediately dispatched to pick up chili, Jell-O, and other items from various locations. When he returned with the goods, he noticed that my mom was slurring her speech and was …

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