LCARS GUI on Windows!

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I have discovered the program LCARS24 on SourceForge, which is a 32-bit DPMI interface for DOS-based laptops/PCs. It installs in the root drive of your computer and runs an LCARS interface like from Star Trek when called, containing over a dozen programs and many, many data displays. I’ve managed to get it to run nicely on Windows XP, though I hear your mileage may vary depending on your hardware. I like it, and the SFML markup used by the program to create LCARS data displays shows quite a bit of promise. It’s reasonably intuitive, and the program supports screenshots, so you can make a display and post it on your website or whatever. I’ve been having some fun with the SFML, and as long as you don’t try to write a long text file to display next to your image (if you have one on the page), the pages look great! I say not to try to write something long because I copied an article off of Memory Alpha and modified it for a data display on Data [ 🙂 ]. It was a real pain, mostly because I had to go thorough and insert hundreds of paragraph breaks to keep the image and text within the viewable area (I hope the author improves that). Wrapping everything at column 48 is very tedious. Anyway, I’m keeping an eye on this one!


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  1. I was hoping for a voice interactive OS based on LCARS
    that will work for Vista

  2. I agree that a voice-activated OS would be very cool, but that’s way more intensive. LCARS24 is just for the look & feel. Perhaps there is a more fully featured LCARS program out there; I just don’t know of one, unfortunately.

  3. How do you put up “I’ve managed to get it to run nicely on Windows XP” and forget to mention HOW you did it?

  4. To be honest, it was so simple (for me) to get it running that I didn’t even think to explain how I did it. But since it sounds like you’re having trouble… 🙂

    There’s a pretty simple installation guide on the StarTrek4u forums (first result for [how to run LCARS24], as a matter of fact). Keep in mind that it won’t necessarily play nice with every computer; there are subtle driver and hardware differences that can make it go nuts or refuse to work at all. The older the computer, the better; after all, it’s a DOS program.

    If you have further questions, the author maintains a help forum at

  5. aims to make all your dreams come true. It works in Vista and has *some* voice capability. Windows app integration expected in next version.

    And no, I’m not the dev from it, I found this via google 😛

  6. Mehall, that is an awesome tip! I’ll put that on my list (once I figure out where) and try it out after I get my laptop fixed and thus have a system I can muck around in.

  7. go to lcars x32, go to the download button,current releas,lcars x32 pre alpha release

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