IE-only Videos?!

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The teacher in one of my classes (taught in Moodle, but that’s for another post; maybe next week) uploaded a series of videos to his class that provide pretty useful information. They also don’t play if you’re using Mozilla Firefox, my primary browser. They might be ASF files, and Firefox knows how to open them, but Windows Media Player coughs. The browser must have to download something first, and Firefox doesn’t know that, and WMP spits the file back out like sour milk.

This isn’t the first time my school has given Mozilla Firefox the Micro$haft, however indirectly. The way they choose the platforms to run their courses on dictates what browsers they support. They have four different sites: Blackboard, Apex, Moodle, and Infinite Campus (the latter being the gradebook, incompatible with IE7). Blackboard supports both, but only in the regular portions of the site. To get at the content properly, one must use IE. Apex supports both, which is kind of sad because I won’t be using it next quarter (or semester). Moodle runs on both unless you try to use the afore-mentioned videos. In this case, one must either use IE or install IETab in Firefox (I do the latter). Finally, Infinite Campus (the gradebook) supports both IE and FF, but breaks in IE7, as does Blackboard (which I forgot about).

All in all, these browser issues (plus remembering four different websites and the port number for the email server) are putting a major damper on everything. Why can’t Micro$loth just be standards-compliant so all the Web designers and coders would write standards-compliant code? As a Web programmer myself (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), I know that cross-browser issues can cause major problems, like floating a DIV element to the wrong place on the page. Standards are there to promote interoperability between sites coded in different browsers. Why don’t people use them?


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