[email protected] is Criminal?

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Hi again. Here at Technobabbles I usually express opinions on various things, but in this case we are posting a warning. According to some of the the more-recent reviews at http://www.webhostingjury.com/reviews/Globat, the cheap web host [email protected] is running a scam. Nefarious business practices like hidden charges (up to $39.95, from what I saw), and horrible tech support combine to give this hosting provider a very bad reputation. From what I can judge by the reputation data from WOT, this site does a very bad job with personal information, and reviewers back at the Web Hosting Jury say this host charges you even after you cancel your account…if you can manage to cancel it.

They also make it very difficult to cancel accounts, probably figuring most people will give up. I have the distinguished “fortune” of knowing someone who is signed up with them, and he just found out what they do today when I inquired about his hosting provider. He now wants to cancel his account, for obvious reasons.

My point in writing this is simple: I would like to prevent others from falling victim to this host’s seemingly innocent practices. They offer ridiculously good prices on enormous amounts of storage, bandwidth, and features, but you will eventually end up being charged the proper price for this.

Strangely, McAfee SiteAdvisor‘s review page for this site gives it a Green rating. If anyone who hosts with [email protected] is reading this, please, register for a SiteAdvisor account and give them a “Phishing or other scam” review. Same for any hosting review sites, and a report to the BBB and/or the FTC couldn’t hurt. Let’s keep this business from conning anyone else.

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  1. 這裡放著我平面作品, 以及我人生的牢騷

    This is my share of simple truth. Stay away of Globat if you can. Don’t leave your credit card number in this company. Check it out —

    My initial purchase was 166 for a 2-year plan. On 2007 8/16, 10/25 and 12/20, they used this “Auto
    Upgrade” trick to charge 49.95 contiguously from my account. By the time I am aware of this cheating billing, I already paid 2 of them. Hey, they didn’t
    have my consent of the purchase!! I didn’t click on anything or replying
    any mail?

    Now, after sending about 5 or 6 complainig email for a refund, they responded it has lapsed 90 days grace period. But the question is, do they have the transactional record stating my purchase? They simply cash my account because I have my credit card number stored in their database? What a nightmare with Globat!

  2. Any other reviews? I was not impressed when I tried to navigate away from their page and some “Live Agent” named “Jenny” started telling me that “I HAD BEEN CHOSEN TO RECIEVE GREAT DEALS”!!! WHat a bunch of…….
    Anyway, It was not professional.


  3. @DavidAW: Ooh, sites that prompt() at the onunload event drive me nuts! I saw another one of those today, and I don’t even remember where. But it was similar to what you’re describing.

    Unfortunately I’m not really into reviewing hosts. I review random things occasionally, but it’s not predictable or regular in any way; sorry. I can only hope you’ll subscribe anyway because you like the other things I post (hint hint). 😉

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