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Don't Ignore Me, Reddit!

It doesn't show up in my FriendFeed. If you try to access it, you'll get an error. It's invisible to everyone, including myself. What am I talking about?

I'm talking about my reddit account. Yes, reddit, that other social news site. Note that the link goes to a 404 Not Found error page. I registered a while ago; it's got to have been about a month now. I've sent three emails via the feedback section, each time being told I'd hear back shortly. Nothing has ever come back.

As a result of the missing profile page, I have been unable to add reddit to my FriendFeed, and I haven't been able to check up on what I've submitted and voted on. The lack of ability to access my own profile has made me pretty much ignore the site. If nobody can see what I'm doing, why should I bother?

StumbleUpon and Digg are accounts I use with a modicum of regularity, and both of them have my profile up and running. What I do on either site is pulled into FriendFeed for all my subscribers to see. But reddit doesn't even indicate that my account exists.

To be ignored once is tolerable, if not respect-inducing. To be ignored twice is a minor faux pas. To be ignored three times over the course of three or four weeks, however, is inexcusable, especially given the severity of my problem.

Have I been writing too politely in the feedback form? Am I supposed to make comments from the point of view of a troll? Did I use an excessively complex vocabulary? Or was my message simply marked as spam? Since I was given a success message, I would tend to doubt that last possibility. The others, I cannot refute.

Am I missing something? Was there supposed to be a message asking me to confirm my email address? (I never received one.) I have triple-checked the address in my profile; unless I'm unknowingly dyslexic, it's 100% correct as far as I can tell. Of course, I have no standard against which to judge my experience.

So, if you have a reddit account, did it have a profile page immediately after registering? Or did you have to wait a while and gain some karma first?

This problem has officially reached the point of becoming intolerable. reddit, you guys need to stop ignoring my messages!

Update (05/05): Last night I got an email from reddit explaining that the problem is due to a caching bug they still haven't been able to track down. Alexis (the sender of the message) also apologized for the delayed response and sympathized with my frustration — she's also a FriendFeed fan. According to her email, it shouldn't be much longer now before my reddit account is fully functional. :-) Thanks, Alexis!

Update (05/11): My account's been working perfectly for a couple days now. Problem solved!

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