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Google Re-Launches JotSpot as Google Sites

After months of waiting, Google has re-launched the JotSpot wiki service — acquired sixteen months ago — as Google Sites. Annoyingly, it's only available for Google Apps accounts, which means I don't have access to it. I could create an Apps account, yes, but I don't have a domain name with which to sign up. I plan to get a domain for this site sometime in the near future (read: in the next year or so), so my own testing will have to wait until then.

There's a lot of talk about how Google doesn't mention the word "wiki" anywhere in the materials promoting Google Sites. JotSpot also did the it's-not-a-wiki thing, meaning nobody can really say what the product is, exactly. Some bloggers just call it a wiki despite Google's (intentional?) omissions, and I agree with that. JotSpot always was a wiki service, from what I heard and read about it, and the rebranding isn't going to change that.

Meanwhile, I can still bask in the knowledge that JotSpot is alive and kicking at Google. Now how did the press (and several bloggers) find out about this last night? I only got the email 100 minutes ago. Hmm… Darn press releases.

For the review that I can't write due to lack of access, check out this very good one by Dennis Howlett at ZDNet (also linked above as "about").

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