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Google Officially Announces Gmail Changes

Well, the rumored new version of Gmail is becoming a reality. Late last night, Google's Gmail team officially announced structural code changes to the Gmail client (for Firefox 2 and IE7 now; other browsers later) to prepare for the future. There won't be too many noticeable changes — most improvements are under the hood — but Gmail will now be using the same rich text editor as Page Creator and Groups. Other changes include new keyboard shortcuts, speed improvements, and bookmarking specific messages. Searches will also be email-able (not sure I see the usefulness of this one).

Garett Rogers also posted about the new Gmail interface, being rolled out to a very few users for now, yesterday. He notes the new contact manager and revamped Google Talk contact popups, though I think he's just going on screenshots right now.

One major downside to the upgrades is the fact that userscripts like my beloved Gmail Macros will be broken with the new code, though the Gmail team says they have been getting in touch with the developers of the more popular extensions, giving them the opportunity to create fixes. The Gmail Blog post ends with, "The team has a bunch more things in the works, so stay tuned," a statement that just makes me drool…

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